Sitzsack Liege, Runder Sitzsack in Mikrofaser

Beanbag with micro cut

The fine micro cut gives each bean bag a super soft feel. In the trendy colors of petrol-blue, honey-yellow and lime-green accents the cozy bean bags in each living room. Thus, the pushbag whether round beanbag, XXL pillow or couch, a popular seating furniture and feel-good element! The bean bag in yellow brings the sun into the house, a bean bag in blue provides relaxation and a bean bag in green ensures freshness and cheerfulness! What is your favorite color?

Sitzsack, Bag 500, EN 71 zertifiziert, SpielzeugstandardSitzsack Liege AngelSitzsack Liege ChairSitzsack Kissen Easy
bean bag in yellow bean bag in green bean bag in  Orange bean bag in purple
bean bag in purple bean bag in blue